Nonprofits are wasting millions of donor dollars on branding.

This site, while aimed at nonprofits, holds powerful insights for business marketers. It is a changing world. All constructs are shifting and knowledge from different sectors is now blending.

The marketing era dominated by branding is coming to an end. The word branding has been exhausted. The days of people saying marketing and branding in the same breath is losing its air. Even the discussion of human beings as brands is sounding ridiculous and old.

The marketing era of the BIG IDEA that moves virally is now emerging. Today, nonprofit marketing can no longer afford to play solely in the branding arena. The overall emphasis must be big, powerful ideas and strategies that focus on achieving three results:

1. Fundraising

2. Advocacy for the cause

3. Participation/membership

When your board is expecting marketing to help produce results, imagine all you have to talk about is branding.